• The LTI 1.1 tool is currently incompatible with Safari. We recommend using the LTI tool with Chrome or Firefox while we work to fix this. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
  • When ISKME begins rolling out LTI 1.3 in 2022, no new installations of LTI 1.1 (except for Schoology) will be offered, and LTI 1.1 support will be discontinued. LTI 1.3 support for D2L Brightspace is not currently offered but is being considered for future releases. 

If your school or organization uses a Learning Management System (LMS), such as Blackboard, Moodle Canvas, OpenEdx, or Schoology, there is a way for you to integrate WISELearn Resources into your system. The WISELearn Resources Learning Tool Integration 1.1 (LTI 1.1) is presented seamlessly within your LMS so you can search for and access resources from your Hub, Group, or Private folders on WISELearn Resources.

If you are a member of a hub or group with LTI access, your hub or group admin can provide you with the login details (key and secret) needed to set up your LTI connection. If you need an individual or group LTI account, contact us:

  1. Complete the LTI 1.1 Integration for Microsites form.

  2. After you've completed the LTI integration form, wait for ISKME to email your key and secret. This is usually sent within 24 hours.

Sharing resources with a group of educators

If you would like to use WISELearn Resources to share content with multiple educators who are working together on a course or curriculum,  there is no need for every member of the group to request their own key and secret. The key and secret will be sent to the Group Administrator. If someone other than the Group Admin completed the form, the Group Admin must contact to approve the integration request. Each member of the group must have an WISELearn Resources account.

  1. Log in to WISELearn Resources.

  2. Create a group in WISELearn Resources.

  3. Save resources to your group folder(s).

  4. After you receive your key and secret, you can move forward with your integration. 

Getting set up in your learning management system

Once you have received your credentials, you can install and begin accessing content from WISELearn Resources in your learning management system.

Most course designers and instructors can configure LTI tools independently for each course for which they are a designer or instructor. An LMS administrator is generally able to configure an LTI tool for the entire system.

Below, you'll find details for installing LTI tools in common LMSs.


Installing LTI Tools in Moodle

Follow these instructions from Moodle to configure: Adding an external tool to Moodle.

Note: Many of our resources are served in http instead of https. Because of this, select Open in new tab when selecting Launch Container.

Installing LTI Tools in Canvas

  1. Follow these instructions to find WISELearn Resources in Canvas: How do I add an external app in a course?

  2. Once you have found the WISELearn Resources App, click the Add App button.

  3. Click the View App Configurations button.

  4. Click to select Edit in the gear icon drop down menu next to the WISELearn Resources App.

  5. Enter your key and secret.

Adding External Tools to Canvas Course Modules and Assignments

The WISELearn Resources App is configured to work with Modules and Assignments only. It cannot be used within the Rich Content editor.

Note: Many of our resources are served in http instead of https. Because of this, check the Load This Tool in New Tab box when adding an external tool.

Installing LTI Tools in Blackboard

  1. Follow these instructions from Blackboard to configure: Blackboard Help - Learning Tools Interoperability. Please be sure to allow Blackboard to send Role in Course with LTI launch requests.

  2. For course designers and instructors, follow these instructions from Blackboard to create a web link: How to create a web link to a tool provider. Be sure to use the WISELearn Resources Launch URL as the web address of the Tool Provider:

Installing LTI Tools in EdX

  1. Follow these instructions from EdX to configure: Overviewing and enabling the LTI component in your EdX Instance. You will need to add an LTI passport string which includes your key and secret.

  2. For course designers and instructors, follow these instructions from EdX:  Adding an LTI component to an EdX course unit.

Installing LTI Tools in Schoology

Follow these instructions from Schoology to configure: About External or LTI Tools

Known Issues with Schoology:

  1. Mixed Content: Many of our activity pages are served in http instead of https. Because of this, take these steps after you launch the LTI activity:

    1. In Chrome: Click the shield icon at the top right corner of the address bar.

    2. In Firefox: Click the link which indicates that the resource has moved.

    3. In Safari: We are unable to support LTI in Schoology in Safari at this time.

  2. Your Activity has ended drror: Once you have initially added your activity, you may see a message that says "Your Activity has ended." Refresh the page, and this error will be resolved.

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